"We Care Your Pool"


Becken Image

Becken is an Integrated swimming pool filter has strong and sturdy structure and is compact and unique in all aspects. The unit is hangs on any one wall of the swimming pool. There is no necessity for any other further equipment like Skimmers, Balancing Tanks, Filter Room or Plumbing System for water filtration and circulation. It saves 100% water reduces 70% chemical consumption in comparison to other filtration system.


  • Easy to Install.
  • An aesthetic look.
  • No need for any piping system.
  • Frp body with external smooth finish.
  • UV stabilized body.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Complete Filtration System.
  • Complete cyclic system.
  • High efficiency Disinfection system.
  • LED lighting system.
  • High Quality Filtration Bag.
  • Cleaning system.


  • It is used in the excellent filtration process to make the swimming pool water crystal clear and clean effortlessly.