FRP Pressure Tank

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FRP Pressure Tank

FRP Pressure Tank

FRP, or GRP, is the modern composite construction material for chemical plant equipment such as tanks and vessels, which are also known as fiber-reinforced plastics. The FRP building material is used for chemical equipment which range in size from less than one meter to 20 metres. Our whole range of products requires minimal maintenance and extraordinary energy. We offer these in different grades and use them for various industries and businesses. Our FRP Pressure Tank in India can be used for almost any water treatment application because they are immune to the majority of chemicals. We also customize these vessels according to our customers’ requirement.

SIC GOA is the leading producer of FRP Pressure Tank in India. It works towards offering our customers better quality products through state-of - the-art technology. For water treatment applications including industrial, commercial, residential and light industrial applications, SIC GOA FRP vessels are the right choice. We offer a variety of pressure tanks available in single top opening and top & bottom opening from 8 inch to 150 inch diameter or as needed by customer. Our future integration process will allow us to give end-users complete water treatment solution with components and thus make us a one-stop shop on the market.


Light Weight And High Strength:

The high voltage and high fiber content allow the FRP Pressure Tank in India, which has a specific gravity of 1,8-2,1 kg / m3, to have a much higher intensity than other metal materials, such as steel and cast iron

Excellent Corrosion Resistance:

FRP Pressure Tank in India has special corrosion resistance ability and therefore an unprecedented advantage over other materials in the storage of corrosive media including acid, alkaline, salt and oil and organic solvents

Flexible Design:

The physicochemical property of FRP containers can be modified by adjustments in resin and reinforcement content to meet the requirements of different media and working conditions. Container carrying capacity can be modulated by changing thickness, wrapping angle, and processing Larry structural design of rigid sheets, and FRP containers or devices with different stress, and some unique output can be created that isotropic metal materials cannot achieve.

Stable Performance:

To achieve ultra-stable performance products, the computer controlls the winding equipment.

Wide Application Fields:

Composite having complex efficiency "means that FRP vessels can be used in many fields: storage, transportation, protection of the environment, chemical anti-corrosion and brewing, and so on.